Zuragilis by syrsa-d5llu34

Here you see the great sunship of Terrahypt.

The Zuragilis is the colossal craft behind Terrahypt that is lighting up the continent to benefit the ecosystem. By doing so, it's generating and sustaining a legitimate star which is small enough to be carried around.

The Zuragilis can also be used as a useful tool to manipulate the cosmos. By being a star generator, it can generate almost any kind of star. To deflect high energy particles, like a wave from a supernova for example, it can generate a magnetar of which's magnetic field will deflect the particles. And if there is a black hole that is dangerously close which cannot be dodged, the Zuragilis will depart and capture it by it's on-board gravitational canceller which is vital for it's ability to manipulate stars of any kind.