Yubises are transparent Yrians that live scattered around Terrahypt. Especially in areas with plenty of vegetation like Jaéden and Wisplands. Yubises are boneless and soft, and wherever there should be bones, there is tougher tissue that provide stability.

They spend their lives mostly sedentary, living in groups with 3 to 10 members. They can be seen around lakes and rivers. They drink a lot of water to get the little energy they can get from it. They relax in the sun as their wide caps preform photosynthesis. The energy they get from photosynthesis isn't as effective as it is for standard non-yrian creatures. But it's enough to keep them alive and the water they drink have enough plankton to give them the extra energy they need to move around.

Yubises are often lazy and stupid because being the opposite wastes alot of energy. Though they have a drive towards being social and intelligent, and they will sometimes steal food and even eat other Yrians that are small enough to pass down their gullet to get the energy they want.

Like all Yrians, Yubises have no claws, nails or teeth of which to pull grass and leaves from the terrain. They only have a long and prehensile 3'd finger of which to snag things. And they cannot chew, so they have to swallow their food whole, which makes some of the prey they try to swallow fight back.