The Thilians are a species created by the Celestial ESE, Tyg.

Thilians are divided into sub-races (Cyrathilians, Kybrothilians, and Ceiphians). The anatomy of a Thilian is significantly different from the human body than its outer appearance resembles. It is in fact derived from the human body since the humans were the first complex species that Tyg came across in her very first voyages through the cosmos. Inspired by the biology and behavior of the humans, Tyg has tinkered with them and changed their inner anatomy to make their bodies more complete and effective, giving them much better performance. And they behave in a way that's suitable for them in different circumstances which are not only indigenous to earth.

She created the Thilians to be a unisex species where a Thilian does not require a different sex partner to reproduce. eliminating issues between sex and anatomical restrictions to raise their children. Their spiritual integrity enhances their resilience and gives their body a very strong structure, giving them a wide variety in size and age.

Thilians are not carbon based like many other organisms, they are Archium based, which in practice gives them a wide array of advantages. Their cells can contain anarchium containing proteins which can manipulate elemental particles, through contact or from a distance. This gives some Thilians the ability to, for example, ionize and fuse elements with their hands if they spent a lot of time practicing, learning to control these anarchium proteins.

Their tissue is similar to that of a mollusk: an open circulatory system. They have simple muscles, basically used for heavy-duty work such as lifting big things.

Among all the different Thilians, they come in 2 configurations; Maternals and Nobles. Neither of these configurations play any significant roles in most communities except in Cyrathilian communities where many Maternal Thilians nurse and take care of other Thilians.

The configurations influences how their physiology is structured. Maternals possess thicker and bulkier muscles, primarily in their legs. They also possess less firm abyas, making them appear more relaxed. Maternals also have a bukula that produce cheese, seeping out from its external surface when they digest food. This cheese fills their whole abdominal cavity, bloating it out, making the bellies of Maternal Thilians more pudgy than Noble Thilians. The cheese inside their abdominal cavities is used as a medium to grow bacteria, which ferments the cheese and produces nutrients for the Maternal. Nutrients, of which, boosts their milk production.

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