The Akbar or Al-akbar is a warmongering militant group in Terrahypt that was founded by the celestial Loukin Abia, motivating her followers to amuse her with their fanatics with the use of guns and bombs. These imported humans are called Akbarmen and are genetically modified to flail their arms wildly and still be able to cause great damage. There are Terrahyptians and Thilians who are members of The Akbar that use this membership in order to possess an intimidating status.
Syrsa - The Akbar02:14

Syrsa - The Akbar

Despite sabotaging every contraption in their wake, they deliberatly miss vital parts of living things in order to preserve the number of their opponents.

"A true terrorist does no deed by killing all the infidels. We Akbar preserve our opposers because there has to be infidels in order to be Akbar." -Abdullah, leader of the Akbar.

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