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Welcome to the Terrahypt Wiki

This is the info portal of my fictional universe, a project wich I started to show those who are interested can read and understand how much I love creating things wich is unheard of by any other.

Notice: This wiki has some artwork with nude depictions of some characters. But that is because some characters are sometimes topless. Moderators who comes to this wiki and blatantly removes pictures with exposed breasts because it violates the Terms of Service are just showing how close-minded people can be.

The Terms show that you are not allowed to post obscene or pornographic content. Obscene artwork only implies if I purposely draw for people to be sexually aroused from it, otherwise, some people will just have to stiff their upper lip and stop pissing me off with their intolerance. And my artwork isn't pornographic either, I don't waste my time making an entire story and lore only to show some tits. That just makes no sense.

Do NOT add articles or contents of any kind without MY approval, I want this wiki to be completly independent. And do NOT correct the grammar or anything in what I have already wrote on my wiki. I'm not the best in writing, I'm still learning, but I want to progress in my writing alone. So leave my choice of wording things be in the future. The only thing you can correct is misspellings.

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