Telembrium is a very rare element, almost as rare as Archium. Like Archium, Telembrium is Hydrogen that has been exposed to extreme amounts of Archons.

This has changed the properties of the element very much. Unlike Hydrogen, Telembrium has a much higher freezing and boiling point. The gas freezes as low as -42 °C and boils at -10 °C. These properties have caused some strange things to happen with the molecules that has Telembrium in it

Telembrium Oxide, or Crystal Water is a water molecule with 1 Oxygen atom and 2 Telembrium atoms. This liquid is a good example to show the extent of the changes. The liquid freezes at 28 °C and boils at 42 °C which is what causes the strange weather in Athnias, where it snows even when it's not cold.  Telembrium is abundant on Terrahypt, but mostly in Athnias.