Swirls are mysterious physical objects that can be found littered all around Terrahypt. They can be found anywhere that is open and relatively calm, even in homes.

It has been discovered that they are created from small wormholes that open up and close after 2 to 8 seconds. The exact origin from where these swirls emerge from is unknown because it is next to impossible to predict when the holes open up and keep them open since Terrahyptians have tried many methods. Even inserting a probe have been proven unsuccessful since the signal gets lost after the hole closes.

The swirls themselves come in different sizes and lengths. But they don't get any bigger than 22cm in diameter, and all of them share the same regular thickness and spiral shape unless the wormhole has been obstructed. The length of them depends on how long the hole is open. The shorter swirls seem to spiral in a sharper angle since the space between the strands is narrower.

The physical properties of them is more the same. They are all hard and brittle, like bone. And they come in dark, earthy colours.