Snyferol is a Thilian pheromone. It is essential for Thilian communication and bonding. The Snyferol molecule itself is composed of a Valerolactone ring with a Butanol group. This gives Snyferol a pleasant creamy and slightly nutty/fruity odour.

For Thilians, this pheromone is given off from the skin through glands, mainly from the center line that runs across the front and back of a Thilian. And the glands are more concentrated around the breasts of a well-endowed Thilian. Maternal Thilians who has big breasts steadily secretes Snyferol in order to maintain their buxom physique. The secretion of the hormone increases when she is being snuggled up against by another Thilian, especially in-between her breasts. Snyferol secretion can also be stimulated through skin on skin touch. This requires the skin of another Thilian because the difference in skin receptors is what activates the Snyferol glands.

Snyferol as a chemical compound has several physiological effects for a Thilian. It's a mild relaxant. It stimulates their milk production and it increases the absorption of Reybirin enzymes.