Slisks are a Thilian derived species who live as little helpers within The Kabrian Omnire. Slisks are just as intelligent and independent as a Thilian. On Terrahypt, Slisks are considered like companions, though they can live without an adopter. They live within specific communities in Azecreas where hundreds of Slisks are adopted every year.

They come in sizes ranging between 1 and 2 meters. Slisks vary widely in appearance, they can be curvy, slim, busty, flat, furry and plain. The colour of their skin also varies. These traits can be mixed or enhanced through gene mixing, as Slisks are able to reproduce with eachother. Despite being genetically similar to Thilians, they have different lower legs as they lack a middle bone where the whole leg is one big muscle that can contort with great dexterity.

Slisks have a stronger sense of touch compared to Thilians. They can sense fluctuations in the air through their fur. And because of this sense, they have a huge affinity for being fondled. They also like to brush themselves against various objects and snuggle up to other Slisks.

They often confiscate sheets and pillows to shelter themselves in. If no other soft surfaces are present, they seek out to cuddle with bosomy Thilians or partners up with people who often visit deserts in hope of rolling around in the sand.