Thilians does not have closets the size of bedrooms. They only wear one set of clothes which is their personal look. That's how they psychologically function. For them it's wierd to change the look of their apparel based on how they feel.


Thilians have no need for special clothes for cold/warm weathers, their bodies can withstand fluctuating temperatures through training.


On Terrahypt, glass is very rare as it has been replaced with plastics which makes up most of the windows and tableware.


Thilians does not have the concept of superiority/inferiority ingrained into their society like the humans on Earth. They don't see animals as inferior or themselves as superior by possessing a high level of intelligence and whatnot, which is a point of view of which they see as arrogant. A Thilian will not see a cat as more sympathetically stimulating as a human, they will devour either species if they're being a dick.

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