Psedians are a class of Cyrathilian who are specialized in strength and plasma manipulation. Unlike regular Thilians, Psedians have a prominent abdomen with strong abdominal oblique muscles, of which are responsible for compressing the abdominal cavity. This is important for the Psedians because they specialize in using their bukula to manipulate matter that they have devoured. When they manipulate matter with explosive powers, they need to contain it within their belly so it doesn't discharge.

This means that Psedians can projectile vomit molten or plasmatic metal with incredible force, forming a beam which can easily cut through armor. They can also suspend a solid object inside their esophagus and then push it out with any pressurized matter that is held within their belly, forming a high-velocity projectile.

One Psedian on her own can disable an armored vessel by discharging her superheated stomach contents (plasmatic metal in this case) which will penetrate the armor and destroy the internal components of the vessel.

Psedians are also notable for their 3 horns that extend upwards. Their ears are a part of these, while the middle one is an eye stalk that is specialized for long-range perception. This allows the trajectories of fired projectiles to be easy to predict, making Psedians great sharpshooters.