The Mulayba Clan is a royal healing group with buxom and maternal Ceiphians named after the great Cyrathilian matriarch Mulayba. Athnian, Jaédian and Anodian are not members of the clan because they are all Ceiphemi's daughters, who spawned a new race of Ceiphians called Layessian.

The Mulayba uses Archium Wielding together with their milk, merging it with the Archium to form proteins that easily repairs wounds. They can also use the proteins to form small biosynthesizers which takes their milk as the building paste to transform into medicines.

In Azal, there are quite many Mulaybas that walks around inside the internal parks and royal corridors outside their treatment halls to keep their muscles healthy. since clearly they have a huge physique that they have to take care of. Their bodies are often used as the bed that their patients lay on, sitting on their lap while being treated. It increases their spiritual intimacy, thus making it more easy to treat their illnesses.

They perform their abilities whilst naked, reducing restrictions and interference with fabric. They still have a pair of earrings and a Hyptalis Pendant that gives them enhanced control of their powers.


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