Loicizua is a Ceiphian, working with Eymis as her assistant. She is more than a scout, she likes to be out in the open and infiltrate secret bases and areas. Loicizua is a fast runner because of the artificial legs that have replaced her old legs which were amputated after a severe case of frostbite from one of her missions.

Loicizua is a very agile girl despite her lost legs. She has a favor for energy drinks which gives her an abnormally extreme kick which can cause her to go hyper for hours. Other than that, she is a caring Ceiphian that really likes to run errands when she is not working. She does not like to go into complex conversations though, and likes to be alone most of her time.

Pursuit by syrsa-d45s91x

Loicizua alongside Eymis & Zusa, pursuing some baddies.