Hyptian Meditation is preformed by Thilians who undergo a full bodied energy surge and maintaining it under control with their own strength.

When preforming, they remain still in a position of their choosing while saturating their muscles and organs with fresh nutrients directly from what they've digested. They flex their muscles, especially their abdominals to speed up digestion. They keep their throats and posterior closed in order to raise their internal body temperature, not letting any air escape.

While meditation happens, their raised metabolism arouses their sexual drive which speeds up their metabolic processes further. Hyptian Meditation is also essential for when a Thilian decides to self-reproduce. But for a standard meditation, an orgasm is a normal side effect if reproduction isn't the focus.

At the height of Hyptilian Meditation, their body temperature is high enough for steam to visibly rise. They keep their bodies exactly at the boiling point of water for as long as possible. At this point, their bodies are at their standard limit of resisting damage. But experienced meditators can reach this threshold and preform amazing feats, like pulverizing rocks with their muscles and blast booming vapour clouds from their mouths. Thilians who have mastered Hyptian Meditation and does it regularly have bodies that are more efficient at healing and resist physical damage. They're also stronger and have higher metabolism.