Guro az by syrsa-d4xef7e
Guro Az is an annual race meeting held on the southern most point on Terrahypt, under the scorching heat of the sun. The contestants are allowed to use any form of vehicle they can get their hands on. But what makes this race special is the set of rules that everyone must abide to when participating in the race.

Every vehicle is limited to not go above 130 km/h and remain close to the ground at all costs. Even for flying vehicles, they are limited to a max cruising height of 13 metres. But it doesn't specify what relative height, the vehicles can be 100 meters above the ground, but remain 13 meters away from a cliff wall which does not break any rules.

The destruction of other vehicles are allowed too, but not the participant inside of it. If a vehicle is destroyed or damaged by another racer who is in possession of a weapon, they are marked as a "Red Driver". This label gives every other racer the right to eliminate the driver without themselves recieving the label.

The race starts from the south point and ends at the north point of the Terrahyptian Zerzek. The path is unset and every racer is free to decide their own course.