Flute Wisps are one of the most common Yrian species that can be seen all around Terrahypt. They are small, only measuring up to 30 cm. And they have light gray silky skin.

As suggested by their name, Flute Wisps are easily identified by their pointy member on their forehead which they use to emit a wide selection of whistles and shrieks. some of the sounds they make can be heard for several kilometers. This is how they communicate and broadcast their position to other Flute Wisps.

They are mostly common in open and desolate areas since they are often targeted by larger Yrians in vegetated and rocky terrain. But this makes it hard for them to find food. So they mostly scavange from rare Athnian plants like berries and root vegetables.

Thilians find Flute Wisps enchanting due to their small nature and deep blue eyes. Some have dedicated a little altar in their living room for a Flute Wisp to sit. It's not often they do, but it happens quite frequently in desolate places like Athnias and Dark Keigan since Thilians will always feed them till their bellies distend.