Executors are a branch of Kabrian elite guardians who are assigned to protect Hyptian Zerzeks. They are affiliated with Agrians since they are stationed most of their lifetime on these Zerzeks. Executors come in 2 varieties, Cruisers and Super Cruisers, where the former is tasked to patrol and maintain, and where the latter is tasked to intercept large hostile forces, mostly on the outer perimiter of a Hyptian Zerzek.

Executor ships are complete closed systems, with only the door serving as an entrance and exit. Once the pilot is seated within the cruiser, nothing is able to enter or exit the vessel. The pilots are completely isolated, with only their archo-receptors working to make sense of the outside world. The pilots are Executive Cyrathilians who are so large, they have no room to stand up within the vessel.