Dark Cloud is the first ever Polairys battlecruiser to be in usage. Despite being a powerful brand of combat vehicle, it got hijacked by Seisyris, who used it to escape Zerana during Yluxa. Now it is her property, traveling endlessly around the universe.

The battlecruiser itself is legendary, a dangerous weapon. The thing that makes this ship so special, is its ability to lurk between dimensions without being noticed. When doing so, it becomes engulfed in a cloak of dark smoke and disappears without a trace after the smoke has cleared.

By being in possession of Dutvutanian mechanics, its abilities are extremely efficient. They are fitted with AP Blaster cannons, making combat swift and clean, as well as a sophisticated shield system that cancels the momentum of any matter which is on the verge of hitting the ship.

And as always, Dark Cloud still inherits the ability of lurking between dimensions, thanks to the old creator who participated in its rebuild.

After all that work, they've created a tool of epic capabilities, a ship that is currently one of the most lethal in Encydros.