The Archaic Field is a medium that is a fundamental force of the universe. It is generally inert due to its lack of interaction with any of the other fundamental forces. But it contains immense amounts of potential energy as it has been theorized that it's a second stage of gravity. Gravity that folds in on itself during the collapse of a hyper-massive black hole and becomes a completely different force.

The Archaic force is a term to describe activity in the Archaic Field. This becomes relevant since it has 1 elementary particle, which is called an Archon. How Archons form is not fully understood, but strong fluctuations in the Archaic Field is thought to make it solidify and form small semi-stable knots that lasts for a short amount of time.

These Archons can interact with protons and neutrons in atoms during their short lifespans. With this interaction, they can get trapped within protons if enough energy is behind their formation, creating an Archoproton. This is how Archaic elements are formed, such as Archium. The lifetime of these elements depends on the formation of its protons and neutrons. And they have to be kept in a specific state of temperature where the Archon inside the proton recieves enough energy to remain in its particle form. This also means that Archaic elements loose their heat faster than their non-Archon counterparts, getting colder over time until they approach absolute zero and the Archon escapes.

Archaic elements can also be superheated to the point where the Archon becomes enlarged and destroys the proton, causing an explosion which splits the atom. This releases about as much energy as the nuclear fission of a uranium atom.