Anod is a relatively dry and arid country with a few forests as the only vegetation available. But even these forests have no beneficial traits to them their plants have no fruits, low water percentage and are covered with unpleasant defenses like thorns and rough husks. 

But due to Anods unforgiving nature, it is a perfect habitat to the fit and hardy Anodians. These Thilians thrive in these conditions due to their survival of the fittest practices. They even eat and digest the plants as a way to test their insides as much as they test their outsides. They are also an important demographic due to their skill in weapon manufacturing. More than 80% of Terrahypts weaponry comes from Anod. 

Many of the settlements in Anod are surrounded by heavily armed walls that defend against raiders who are definetly after their fine weapons. Anods capital, Dasopol have defense turrets the size of starships.