An Akbarman is a gentically modified human created by the celestial loukin, Abia. They're engineerd to be very active, strong and resilient. But they lack coordination and cannot remain still over a long period of time. Due to their hyperactivity, they can only remain still for about 20 seconds before having spontanious muscle contractions.

Akbarmen were initially an attempt to make humans with similar biology as Thilians. But when Abia was incorporating the extremely powerful and reactive Thilian mitochondria into their biology, it made the Akbarmen prone to explode after recieving damage or experiencing something that's mentally frustrating since the rest of their biology cannot properly distribute the energy from these alien organelles.

Their human biology have been altered to accommodate their reactiveness. Their bones are flexible in order to prevent microscopic fractions to form, which will detonate them. And their tissue is much more elastic than human tissue, so they can contort their bodies and limbs to extreme extents without sustaining damage.

The creator behind the Akbarmen, Abia, have found a way to prevent the Akbarmen from going extinct from their unstable biology. Due to their reliance on Thilian organelles, the Akbarmen have the ability to form archospirits which persists after the body have died. But this requires the spirit to be grown inside a Archium based kernel for 20 years which is then inserted into the Akbarman's brain. When an Akbar have died, the spirit gets attracted back to a special vat that is used to grow a new Akbarman body.

The majority of the Akbarmen serve as soldiers within the terrorist group "Al-Akbar". But there are Akbarmen who are regular citizens of Terrahypt. Such examples are Samuel (Mr. Comparison Guy) and Simon (Nuclear Reaction Guy). And some Akbarmen have joined the Slavuics as an alternative to Al-Akbar since many of the Akbarmen find their vodka very helpful treating their hyperactivity, giving them a longer life expectancy.