The abyathni by syrsa-d4uo1wb

An Abyathni Clan member with a Business Cruiser in the background

The Abyathni are a clan of Ceiphians with a lifestyle that focuses on using their mammaries for good benefits. The Abyathni treat their abyas with great care and love. They dress themselves up in loose clothing, decreasing tension on their ample bosom. It's easy to spot an Abyathni member, they wear a spandex reinforced top which makes their breasts bounce noticeably as they walk down the golden hallways in their citadel in Cyecos. They walk at a specific pace which is the oscillation speed of their breasts.

The Abyathni was founded by Abya, the first Athnian. These milk providers have been producing milk for many centuries, and their children are a bit different from regular Athnian Ceiphians. They have developed a larger belly so they can digest more food, providing more nutrients for their breasts, thus being able to producing milk at a faster pace.

For an Abyathni to produce a good quality batch of milk, they have to eat right since Ceiphian breasts produce the milk with what the body has absorbed from the food they have digested. The Abyathni have also come up with colored clothing to categorize the taste of their milk:

  • Red is for the creamy and mellow type.
  • Yellow is for the neutral and protein-rich type.
  • Green is for the light and refreshing type.

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